Adding A Data Source

How to make a new data source searchable from the /datafetch command.


The DataFetch app is installed in your Slack Workspace.

You have credentials with the necessary permissions to access the intended data sources.

Step 1. Start the New Data Source Wizard

To start the process of adding a new Data Source, you have two options.

A. Click New Data Source on the home screen of the DataFetch Slack App.

B. Click New Data Source on the Data Sources page of the DataFetch web interface.

Both methods bring you to the same page on the web, so you can choose your favorite method in this case.

Step 2. Select the Data Source Type

Find the Data Source Type you want to be able to search. Click the Next button.

Step 3. Provide Required Credentials

Provide the credentials necessary to connect to this Data Source. Each Data Source Type has its own defined requirements for a connection. View the documentation for the Data Source Type in question for specific credential requirements.

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