Object Type

A specific type of object within a given data source. For example, if a Data Source has a Data Source Type of Adobe Marketo Engage, then the Object Types available are Lead and Program.

Search ID

The unique identifier of a newly initiated search using the DataFetch app.

Data Source

A specific source of data that has been made available for a DataFetch user to search. Each Data Sources has a specific Data Source Type.

Data Source Type

An application, database, or other type of resource which can be connected to by DataFetch. Data Source Types each have their own credential requirements for being connected to as a Data Source, and have their own Object Types that can be searched and viewed.

A complete listing of Data Source Types can be found on Data Sources page.

Details View

A templated view of a specific result returned from a DataFetch search.

Collaboration Platforms

Tools organizations use to chat and collaborate like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Discord, etc.

Client Application

The application through which a user leverages DataFetch to search the various data sources they are subscribed to. Our apps for Slack and Microsoft Teams would be considered client applications.

Data Source Owner

The user who created a given data source is the 'owner'. This user is the only one that can make changes or delete the data source.

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