Adding Result Object Properties

  1. From the DataFetch web interface, select or create a new search object and go to the Options tab. For instance, we are going to create an Account object and configure its results object properties.

  2. Click Add Result Object Properties. Using Result Object Properties will allow us to provide more context about a search result. For example, we can add a description to an account record in Salesforce and display this in the Slack search result.

  3. Enter a name for the Object Property. Tip: Use a name that will best describe the information.

  4. (Optional) You can add an icon to represent the object property.

  5. Add the data field tag. For example, let’s add the {{[ Description ]}} data field.

  6. Click Save. Note: You can add multiple Result Object Properties.

The added Result Object Property (Account Description) will be displayed in the search result, as shown in the example below:

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