Editing the Result Record Name Template

This allows you to create a name template for the search result in Slack. For instance, when creating a Contact object, you might want to display the Name and the Email Address of the contact in your search result. This is helpful as it adds relevant information about the search result.

Here's how you can create/edit a result record name template:

  1. From the DataFetch web interface, select or create a new search object and go to the Options tab.

  2. In the Result Record Name Template box, enter the tag of the data field that you want to include in the template. For instance, you want to display the name and email address of the contact. You can add the data field tags (i.e. {{[Name]}} ). You can also format the template as you desire, for example {{[Name]}} | {{[Email]}} .

  3. Click Save.

Here's an example of a search result applying the template {{[Name]}} | {{[Email]}} for the Contact object.

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